Quench brings more than 800 wine labels to Nebraska from a number of domestic as well as international vinyards from around the globe. In 2012, Eagle Distributing of Nebraska had the vision to diversify into the wine and spirits industry and acquired Quench Fine Wines from the Hensley group (Arizona). Our mission is to raise the level and quality of wine buying in Nebraska over the coming years while providing exciting careers for people who love wine. From classic and complex to exciting and whimsical, we bring you the best fine wine from a large variety of vineyards. Our portfolio has a robust selection of wines from California, Oregon, Washington as well as around the world. When it comes to imports, Quench has searched the globe to bring you exciting wines of distinction from countries like France, Argentina, Greece, Spain and Australia. From low end to high end, our entire portfolio has only one constant theme: value. The price to quality ratio at all levels in our collection is simply remarkable.